Leprechaun Traps are a GREAT way to catch Leprechauns. If you catch a Leprechaun, then you will have a Leprechaun for life or at least until March 17th ( St. Patrick's Day). Who wants a Leprechaun you ask? Well, I'll tell you who, I do! They are very small and cute and can fit into your pocket. They can come to school and give you all of the answers to your tests and they can help you with your chores at home. They can also serve as a personal detective agent, getting in to places unseen.

      Since they are magical, they have the ability to become invisible when needed or disappear at a moments notice with a SNAP of their fingers. But the most important reason of all, why you should want to catch a Leprechaun is that they know where the gold is hidden at the end of the rainbow and if caught they must help you find the gold. But be warned they are very tricky, tricky little fellows. They love to cause mischief and are also very curious. If you use your imagination, I am sure you can come up with several great ways to trap a Leprechaun. Happy Hunting.

Elaborate Traps

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As a fun activity try to catch a Leprechaun. Help your child create a Leprechaun trap. A trap can be made out of any items you choose (shoeboxes, cereal boxes, diaper wipe containers, small boxes). Just remember... Leprechauns love shiny objects, pennies and anything green, yellow or gold. Put on your best thinking hats and get started creating a trap. Below are some elaborately made traps.


(1) This is a sample of an elaborate trap made using a cereal box attached to a wooden platform. The creator used colored pipe cleaners to crate a rainbow, green craft moss, miniature trees and wooden miniature fencing to make the ramp. A gold medallion and glitter was glued inside the box to further entice those tricky Leprechauns. The creator also decorated the exterior of the box with foam green shamrocks and drizzled bronze paint on the moss area.

(2) This  elaborate trap consisted of large shoe box. The ground was covered with green construction paper and enhanced with glitter, golden ribbons and coins. The creator used a "real" treasure chest and added some gems and glitter . They also used a branch of a real tree to further enhance the look of the trap. A net was placed above the chest and was connected with a string so that when the Leprechaun pulled on one of the gems ( also tied to  the string) the net would drop down and he would be trapped by the fallen net.

(3) This trap was designed using a metal strainer, wooden base, post and arm along with a pulley type system.  The idea was that the Leprechaun would grab the golden shamrock at the center of the board . Pulling on the shamrock would trigger the action through the wooden post and arm, there by releasing the strainer to fall on top of the "shamrock thief".

(4) Two traps are displayed in this photo. The smaller one is a cereal bar box wrapped in shiny gold paper and covered in pennies and circular paper cut-outs  (stickers or glitter would have also done well here). The entrance is enhanced by some lovely green streamer grass hanging over and a fancy doormat. The larger trap is a unique box covered in green and yellow construction paper. It is adorn with festive shamrock garland and glitter written words. Inside the box, is more shiny garland, some coins and glitter. The idea behind these traps is that the Leprechauns would go in and try to get the treasures inside. While working on getting the treasure, the box would close ( or the child would close the box) and the Leprechauns would be trapped.

(5) This trap also used a pulley system. The trap is created from an upright shoe box. The creator made signs giving those "little tricksters" directions. The ground is covered with green and brown construction paper. The fence is made from popsicle sticks which were glued together There is a black caldron filled with gems and beads behind the fence, which when tugged-on activates the pulley system thus dropping the red plastic cup on the Leprechaun.

(6) Two traps are displayed here once again. The smaller green one is covered in green construction paper and enhance by a hand drawn rainbow. It is being held up with a clear flower prong attached with a string. The larger box has been cut to shape and is decorated with shiny gold paper, written signs, shamrock stickers and a caldron of gold inside.

Simple Traps

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(1) Sometimes you may not have the time or resources to make a detailed trap, but even simple traps can catch a Leprechaun. This simple trap is a brown paper lunch bag with seasonal drawn pictures on it. This trap could also be enhanced by using stickers, ribbons, garland or glitter.

(2) This simple trap is made from a cookie box. A door was cut into the box and some pennies were glued inside. To enhance this trap, try wrapping it in some green or yellow paper and adding stickers or seasonal drawings on the outside.

(3) Two simple traps are pictured here. One is a Chinese take out container which has some real money hot glued on it and some green crayon. To enhance this trap try using a green colored container or painting it. You can also purchase these containers at a party store usually pre-colored. Glitter would also work great here. The circular trap is an oatmeal container. It is covered in paper and glitter with a door way cut in the top. Trapping made easy.

(4) Two traps again pictured. The larger one is fully covered in yellow paper and decorated with real pennies. The other trap is a narrow shoe box decorated with shamrocks. A door was cut in the front and fun, shiny things were placed inside the box for the Leprechaun to play with.

(5) Some of the best things come in the smallest of packages. This is true for this little trap. A small box was used and door way was cut in front. The box was actually covered in white copy paper and the creator colored all the sides with green and yellow markers. They added some extra touches with bronze fabric trim, yellow pompoms and some shiny things glued on the front. How could any Leprechaun resist such a charming little trap.

(6) When Leprechauns are away from their home land of Ireland, they are always in need of a place to stay. Why not this 5 colored rainbow hotel? It is a box covered in green wrapping paper with an additional gold box on the front. This trap would make any magical weary traveler feel at home.

(7) This trap used a sliding front door method to catch the Leprechaun. This shoe box was covered in green paper and had a painted rainbow, coins and shamrocks on top. The slider was the cut piece from the front of the box. The creator cut a slit in the top of the lid so that the bottom piece could slide easily up and down.

(8) This trap is a box covered by silver wrapping paper and adorn with cut-out pictures of diamonds. The pathway leads right up to the door way which opens.

(9) This trap is similar in design to the trap located above. This creator decided to go the "Sponge Bob" route in their decor. The ground portion is green card stock.

(10) This trap is a wrapped box that opens from the top and decorated with green wrapping paper, stickers and seasonal garland. Inside is shiny grass and coins to attract the little tricky buggers.

(11) In this image, several traps are being displayed.

(12) This trap is an open box with grass inside which the leprechaun will become entangled keeping him in. The box is decorated with seasonal garland and silver aluminum paper.

(13) A trap made from a child's shoebox. It is adorn with glitter, bronze paper and a beaded string. Inside are many things that can attract leprechauns. 

      I hope that you were able to find a trap to suit your Leprechaun trapping needs. Don't forget to turn off the lights and leave your trap in a quiet undisturbed area or your trapping will be unsuccessful. Good Luck and HAPPY LEPRECHAUN TRAPPING!